Stay on Target…

Today, I filmed my Star Wars audition tape.

Seriously. The script is *so* bad. The character descriptions sound like they were written from Cliché Bingo cards. I called up the only number I knew that belonged to a man, and asked if he would come over and read the lines for the character called “Thomas” for the purpose of the audition. Luckily for me, he used to be super into acting!

It was so much fun.

It took us pretty much the first hour to be able to get through the script without cracking up and the sheer cheese factor of it all.  Then we did the whole “AC-TORE” thing where we over-analyzed the crap out of the twenty lines we were given, in an attempt to have them make any sense whatsoever.

All in all, I think we were quite successful.

It was my first audition tape, so I hope that it’s alright. (really, really, *REALLY* hope it’s alright, because, for real. It’s Star Wars. There are a lot of things that I would do to get into a Star Wars film. (Some of them are even legal.))
So, tonight I shall do my final edit, and send off my attempt at acting chops into a galaxy far, far away.
Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Stay on Target…

  1. That. Sounds. Awesome. That sounds really fun. I for one think your commitment and critical analysis will shine through (that’s what they’re looking for, right?)!


    • Oh yes. I’m sure they’re looking for an intellectual breakdown of every single motion and every possible reasoning behind it.

      That’s definitely the most important part of Star Wars. Actions making sense. It’s really the major hallmark of the series. No one has ever left a Star Wars film thinking “Why. Why did they do that.” :p


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