I.Q. Apocalypse

We are slowly building a Pub Quiz Team, and it’s gonna be so good.

We caught a glimpse of it tonight, when only three people got off work early enough to make it to the pub for the first round of quiz. Three person team = 1 1/2 points.

Tragic. Sad. So pathetic they didn’t even announce the score.

The full team arrived for round two. We owned that sucker. 14 points total, we came in second (and I got to stick my hand in the canvas bag of consolation prizes, and I pulled out a banana case, which is an actual thing, I had no idea. It’s a big plastic protective case for transporting a single banana. I honestly thought there was some kind of banana-phone joke involved, but nope. Just a banana case.)

Then, two people had to leave early under the circumstances of early training at work the next day.

Round 3 = 6 points.

Conclusion: Our team will be *awesome* if we can just manage to get everyone to show up and stay. This holds much promise. 😀


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