Accidentally Employed?

I think I managed to accidentally get a job today.

My original plan was to hit the library when it opened, run off a couple of resume’s, maybe drop a few off with some local places that are hiring, and then catch the early train into the city, where I would then have 45 minutes to walk the six blocks to get to my interview. (So I could arrive early, but not too early, and I’d have time to fix my hair after wandering about in the rain. Well-thought plan, I tell you.)

Instead, I got in a fight with the printer at the library. First, my card didn’t register, which took the librarian about twenty minutes to correct, and then the printer wouldn’t read my library card, and then the printer was out of toner, so none of it mattered anyway.

Needless to say, the printing-fiasco ended in me missing the tram I needed to take.

I got to the train station about ten minutes too late to make the connection that I had written down (read: the only way that I actually knew how to get to my interview). I wasn’t really sure how else to get to the right place, so I went to the two nearest people on the street to ask for directions.

They happened to be people working for an Australian wilderness-awareness type- group, taking donations.

I never did get directions, but I ended up getting a hug and a “I’ll see you at the meeting Monday!” So, I find out for sure tomorrow afternoon, but I’m like… about 85% sure I’m employed now.


Also, the guy who set me up for the interview is actually named Liam Gleeson.



Liam Gleeson


I should probably be sorry that that’s where my head went, but I’m not.


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