Sunny Sunday Morning

This morning I got up and went for a run with my temporary flatmate (there’s been a bit of a holiday shuffle), and, well, to be honest, it was more of her going for a run, and me going for a “gasping-pain-holy-god-how-did-I-ever-forget-how-much-I-SUCK-at-running-my-lungs-are-on-fire-oh-look-some-shade-I’m-going-to-walk-for-a-bit-now”, but it was a beautiful morning. I’m getting to know the river that runs by my house.

We’re going again tomorrow, which will probably be better, because she’ll be able to actually do her run, and she won’t have to walk with me, because now I’ve been escorted around the loop, and know where to turn to actually get back to the flat. (Y’know. Little things.)

We’ve decided to give in to Australia’s British roots, and go for a full-out Sunday Roast. Neither of us really quite know what we’re doing, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.

I rediscovered this song recently, and this pretty much…is exactly how I feel about my life right now.


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