Picnic in the Park

I am working for a distinctly Crunchy Granola crowd. Today was my first day of training, and after I got home I received a text from my boss like “Hey. We’re having a picnic in the park. You should come meet people!” So, after a confusing garbled phone conversation that was sort filled with conflicting directions, I set off in what I was mostly certain was the direction of the park. (I only had to accost a few people for directions to get there, so I’m calling it a win.)

When I reached the park, I was looking around for groups of people trying to suss out which one would be most likely to be filled with my soon-to-be co-workers. There was one group that was full of bare-footed people and surrounded by bikes. It had people in dreadlocks and a giant Djumbe, and I thought “Ah, that looks like an Organic, Locally-Grown Co-Op crowd,” and then upon further examination, I realized that not only was my first thought really quite accurate, but this tree-hugging bunch was also my new work crew.

A picnic in the park with Moroccan food and drumming: definitely not the worst way to kick off a new job.


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