It’s Just a Jump to the Left…

I have found myself a new job and a new place for January.

I’ll be living in a house (Let’s hear it for no more coin-op laundry! w00t!) full of choir kids and ukulele players.


Also, they named their cat “LOL”.

They literally have a LOLcat.

There are also no ants in the kitchen, which is something I am so excited about getting un-used to. There is such a happy dance going on for ant-free kitchens.

(Though, in defense of ants being in the kitchen, I have absolutely gotten in the habit of immidietaly cleaning up *all* kitchen messes, because dirty dishes later = terrifying, ant-infested sadness; clean dishes now = …clean dishes now.)

Additionally, as it’s getting closer and closer to the most over-rated holiday in the history of humankind, have some Christmas music!


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