Coffee Shop Living

I started my new job today. This one feels a lot more right then the last one. Working as part of a street team always felt…a little bit dirty and far more predatory than I was comfortable with.

Now  I work in a cafe. My job is keeping folks happy and fed, and that is something that has long since become a part of my self-identity. I love making food and being able to share it with other people. Cooking is such a huge culture, and this one is one that I feel like I understand on the level of instinct.

In the back we crank up the radio and dance as we wash dishes. In the front we chat with patrons and each other. It’s all about smiling and food.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in such an international crew before. The head barista, Timothy Jones, is Australian. There was a girl named Leah from “near the Black Forest” in Germany, a girl named Zam who’s from London (I was super excited to meet her, because I found out I’ve reached the point where I’m able to place the different accents from around the U.K. Go me!) The sous-chef is a man named Keith who speaks four languages and is originally from Malaysia. There’s a girl named Amanda who’s from Zimbabwe, and a boy named Kahn (which, okay, yeah, probably isn’t *actually* spelled that way, but my Trekkie heart will spell it that way until directly corrected.) and two Muhamads; one from Iran and one from Lebanon. I’m the North American representative rounding it out.

It’s amazing food, and amazing people, and I’m so excited to be there.


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