Getting, Losing, Lost but Won

I think that one thing I have learned from living such a transitory life is that when it comes down to it…pretty much everything can be replaced.

In my life, I have lost huge collections of music. I have lost sketchbooks that contained years of my art. I’ve lost poetry that I’ve cried for and bled for. I’ve lost worthless trinkets and expensive jewelry; and all of it was paid for with the grief of lost sentimentality.

This past year I have done virtually nothing but downsize my collection of material resources. It’s been hard, and I’ve spent a great deal of words trying to track down the origins of this difficulty within my own perspective.

It’s stuff. It’s all just stuff. Some of it is more important, some of it doesn’t matter at all.

In the end, it can all be replaced.

In the end, it’s really all okay.

It’s a chance for new priorities, every time. Is it something that I need? Is it something that I’m willing to pursue again? Or is it something I can let go; something that I can let go of, and reroute that energy toward a different arena?

I think that maybe one of the things that I’ve learned this year is that sometimes life hurts, and that’s okay. Life hurts, and hurting can be beautiful, and hurting can lead to new walks and new friends, and new places that the me who had never been hurt might never have had the courage to explore.




4 thoughts on “Getting, Losing, Lost but Won

  1. So, a month or so ago Kathleen learned this as her first ukulele song. Apparently AFP is the new BHam sensation. I blame no small effort during many karaoke nights, and you.


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