Getting a Ride

I make bad decisions. Quite often. Far more often than I probably should.

I often make them for the single reason that I know they’re bad decisions, which, honestly, is probably more questionable than the actual decisions being made.




Anyway. I was waiting for my tram home the other night, and I had my ukulele with me. The tram stop is right in front of an apartment building.

A man walked out of the building, and mentioned that he’d noticed me waiting for the tram the past few nights, and he offered me a ride home. I hesitated, because this is literally “Will you get in the car with the strange man?”

I told him that I was fine to wait for the tram, and reassured me of his good intentions. He just wanted to hear me play a song. He said he’d let me keep his drivers license as collateral.

I thought. “Fuck this.” and said “Yes.”

His name is Maz. (Moz? I’m not really sure.), and as it turns out he’s a trainer/assessor of patisserie for the local job board.

I had him drop me off at the corner of my street. (Because, yes. I am stupid, but I’m not stupid enough to actually have a random dude drop me off in my driveway.) (Or something like that.) (We’ll just pretend that makes it better, okay?)

But honestly. People have to be given a chance before they can be judged. Most people, when given trust, work to be worthy of it.

Sometimes, people take; this is true. However, most times, people give in return.


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