Back to Bake-sics

(I’m not even going to pretend to be sorry about the pun. I’m not. At all. I never will be.)

Yesterday was awesome. It was delivery day for the first time since I’ve gotten to add requests to the shopping list at the cafe, and now I have an entire shelf of baking things to play with!

It’s a bit crazy, because I’m still learning my way around gluten-free things a bit, and I’m not quite used to the taste of rice flour. It’s got an aftertaste I’m just new to. Add the vegan requirements into the equation, and it pretty much becomes a mad scientist land of baking.

Dark Side Cookies


Yesterday I made Cinnamon, Sweet-Potato Mini-Cakes, and also Coconut Brownies. (Both were totally vegan and gluten-free.)

There may or may not have been a minor turf-war over the chocolate sauce between the barista and I (he needed it for hot chocolate and mochas, I needed it for the presentation of the mini-cakes.) We worked it out though. 😀

Life’s been crazy busy, but I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog, which is terrible, and sad, and tragic, so I’ll be trying to make more time for that in the coming weeks.

You guys are all awesome!


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