Doris Days

Yesterday morning it was pretty chill in the cafe for the first few hours of the morning, which is my favourite. It means that I get to improve my (not-yet)mad-crazy-coffee-making-skyllz. I’m really starting to get to the point where I don’t totally suck.

It also gives me more time to hang out with the people who come in.

Yesterday, a woman came in, and she was wearing an Australian Blacksmithing Association t-shirt.

I love blacksmithing. I didn’t get nearly as much time with it as I would have liked, but it’s absolutely a skill that I intend to pursue. So, I asked about the shirt.

It turns out that I asked the right person. The woman I was talking to is not only a member of the local smithing club, but she’s also organizing a Women’s Blacksmithing Club to go with it, which they call “Doris Days”.

So, on top of now having a place to learn more about metalwork, once a month I’ll get to go hang out with bad-ass blacksmithing chicks. Heck yes! I love this city.


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