Backstreet Breakthrough

I love ’90’s boybands. I won’t pretend to be ashamed, because I AM NOT. I am PROUD of my love of really terrible music. It’s plastic, it’s over-produced, it’s totally fake, and I LOVE IT.

Today, I *MASTERED* the finger-picking bit of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. (Which, really probably goes more to show about where I am with learning fingerpicking, but WHATEVER. I am STOKED.)

So, in honour of my awesome, I’ll just throw out some of the all-time worst music videos ever created.


Oh yeah. So good. Such talent!

I remember watching a making-of documentary about this video when it came out. It was all “Wow! Green-screen! It’s so advanced!” AHAHAHA! Good times, friends. Good times.

The most moving dialogue I’ve ever heard. A heartwrenching fight!


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