Minor Recalibration

I got my beautiful new job as at my fantastic, crazy vegan café, and it’s wonderful and I love it, and while I’ve been working there, averaging thirteen-hour shifts, I kind of…let everything else slip.

I took a mini-vacation and turned off my phone, and spent the time to just sort of come back to myself.
I pulled out my bucket list and did a quick evaluation of things.

That’s how I like to live my life; always in pursuit of happiness.
I don’t think I have a bucket list like most people do.
My bucket lists are not permanent things that are set in stone, or carved into the very foundation of my heart.
My bucket lists are things that, when I am old, I want to have done. My bucket lists are things that I have dreamed of since I was young. My bucket lists are things that I have seen, that I want to try. My bucket list is skills I don’t have that I want to learn.

I love my job, but thirteen hours a day in a café leaves very little room for other things.

This weekend was a deep breath, and an adjustment of the compass. I can keep going where I am, but I’m going to be cutting back, and making time for other pursuits.

(I don’t have my fingers in *nearly* enough pies, apparently.)


2 thoughts on “Minor Recalibration

  1. Working that much always seems like a really good idea at the time (wow! Money! So much of it!) until you either a) burn out, or b) realize that there’s no point in having money if you have no time to do anything with it (or anything without money, either). Work really hard for stretches, then take a long weekend and travel Oz!


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