Sleepy Hedgehog

I got to skype with some delightful folk in the UK today, and they sang me a song about “floating on the bayou”, which I must admit, I don’t think I’ve ever head the word “Bayou” come out of a British mouth before, and I giggled a bit.

However, due to time differences, what was, for them, a lovely, post-supper chat, for me was…something I had to set an alarm for.

I logged on and I was greeted with enthusiasm and the opinion that I looked “Like a sleepy little hedgehog”, which I think might be one of the most spectacular things I have ever been called in my life, *ever*.

Apparently, I looked something like this:



or possibly this:



’cause I really don’t think they meant this:





(I think in reality it was probably more like…this:)





*image from

**image from

***image from

****image from


One thought on “Sleepy Hedgehog

  1. Pretty much all of the above. You definitely had a sleepy hedgehog aura.
    It was lovely to have you at our Burns Night party. Sorry we couldn’t take you with us when we started the main musical jollity. Jan’s wifi is iffy upstairs. But we were thinking about you. And occasionally singing about you.
    Must skype more.


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