“My” Generation

I got to go to a meeting of potential housemates today, and I think overall it went well (in that way that when we showed up, it was scorchingly hot outside, and the next time I checked my watch many hours had passed).

There was something about it that seemed a bit strange to me, and it took me until I was walking home to place it.

I had been on the defensive for almost the entire night. There had been lots of good conversation, but it never felt like a zero-stakes chat. I had spent the entire night trying to prove I was good enough.

It was a bit odd, because this is the second time I’ve met with these folks, and the first time was *super* chill. It was relaxed, the conversation felt so far from competitive, it was delightful.

I think part of it might be that my past times don’t always mesh with those of my age-group. I don’t really like going out for drinks that much. I read a lot. Most of my conversations start with “So I was reading this article recently…” For all my love of adventure, I’m a bit of a homebody.

My potential housemates mentioned that they’re both in the club of “I’m happy I’m 40”, which is wonderful. I think that one of the strangest things is how modern culture promotes this fetish of youth. That being said, it’s a bit more difficult for me to appreciate the “I’m happy I’m 40” club, when part of that becomes “God, what’s wrong with people who are 20? I just want to shake them sometimes”.

Then I’m left kind of just wondering…how old do you think I am, exactly? Is this some kind of “oh hey, well, you’re here so clearly *you’re* different”, or some passive-aggressive pass? Or do you think I’m like, 30, or something? I’ve gotten that before. People sometimes suck at guessing my age. I’ve gotten everything from 15 to 40, so, maybe you’re just guessing that I’m in *your* age-group instead of the one you’re whinging about.

I guess it’s just a bit odd, because the people I hang out with who are in my age-group; well. I mean, I think they’re pretty fucking amazing. They do incredible things. They’re smart, they’re passionate, and I really do think they’re gonna help change the world. Hell, they already have been changing the world. The young people I know are fucking incredible, so I guess it’s a bit hard for me to understand the perspective of folks who want to know “what’s wrong with my generation”.

Nothing’s wrong with us. We’re fucking awesome.

Just watch. You’ll see.


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