Headdesk, Facepalm, and All Other Measures of “…@#$%!”



I wrote my phone number incorrectly on my C.V. The one I sent out with every one of the 40+ job applications I’ve sent out in the past fortnight.




This is what I sound like right now:


I’m going to bed.




5 thoughts on “Headdesk, Facepalm, and All Other Measures of “…@#$%!”

  1. Treat it as an opportunity to ring up or email every one of the companies you applied to. Apologise and ask them to correct it on their records. They may think you’re an idiot, but they’ll remember you. That’s always useful.


    • Good point, Paul. Also, many employers value the ability to admit when you were wrong and move on. Think of this as an opportunity to show your humility and that you can deal with being wrong and moving on!


      • Yeah. Thanks for the perspective. It’s the extra push I kind of needed to really start calling the people that I’ve been applying to. It’ll be good for me. (Even if it does sound like pretty much the least fun on earth.)


  2. Or,be a conniving clever bugger.
    Call the wrong number, find out where they are and see if you can meet them to borrow their cell phone for a couple weeks, for something like, THE BEST FOOD IN ALL MALAISEA. Then tell bosses interested in an interview that you got a new phone.

    Why be honest when you can be sneaky?


    • Not gonna lie. I actually really just want to call that person, and A) see if anyone has called them lately, and B) see if they want to hang out sometimes.

      It totally sounds like the premise of a terrible romance thing, doesn’t it? “She wrote the wrong phone number; he answered. Together, they fight crime!”

      …or something like that…


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