Melbourne Ukulele Club

Melbourne has a ukulele club that meets once a week in the pool room of a pub on Sydney Road. My flatmate attends regularly, and I keep meaning to go and getting distracted.

It’s beautiful.

I managed to make it to one of their meetings for the first time last night, and I must admit…I am hooked. I love playing music with people. I am so excited to be able to play music and learn new techniques from other ukulele players.

I went to the beginners session last  night, but in the future I think I’ll probably be sticking around for the advance crew.

I kept accidentally turning around and trying to teach people chords and things, because I’ve taught *so many* people how to play ukulele. It’s a bit second-nature at this point to be like “Oh yeah! and if you do it like this, it makes the chord-change super easy!” which is great, but it was kind of funny, because I’d never been before, and the people I was with are really pretty new to ukulele, so like, the people who run the group kept coming over to check on them and I was kind of like “No, it’s cool, I got this. You can keep teaching the class.” and then remembering, oh wait…that is them teaching the class… It’s always good to see how other people explain things though. It was super fun. And I learned pretty much everything I know about ukulele by faking it, so there were some terms and styles that I’d definitely never seen before. It was just a really really good night.

There were tons of amazing people there. I met a woman who is teaching her second-graders ukulele, so she’s there for technique. I sat next to a woman who had literally not even seen her ukulele before showing up. She took it out of the box for the first time while we were hanging out in the main room of the pub.  I sat with my current housemate and my Swiss friends who have both acquired ukuleles since I last saw them on New Years.

I met a wonderful woman who is “an Entertainer” by trade, doing everything from stand-up comedy to balloons, as she put it. She’s good friends with my future housemate. She taught us a Traditional Australian Love Song.


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