Faith In Something

I love people. It’s sort of one of those fundamental things that I try really hard to remember. Like…people are fucking amazing.

Sometimes when things get rough and my brain starts to shrink from stress hormones and my thoughts end up in this unhelpful loop of “fuck. How am I gonna make this work…”

Then people show up. They say things like “no, I have a printer you can use.” And “Oh, you’re looking for one? I have one in my car right now. I was on my way to the tip to trash it. It’s yours.” And they say “hey, don’t worry about it. I can give you a ride.”

Then I feel a little bit like a loser, because I *know* that people are awesome. I just have to let them in. People need to be given the opportunity to help.

The stoic, go-it-alone thing can work, but mostly it’s just a really good way to make yourself tired all the time.


2 thoughts on “Faith In Something

  1. Tch. I’ve yet to understand your expectation that people are good. There are good people, I’d agree, but as a whole? I start my expectations low. Just one of a million reasons why you amaze me. MISS YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! I have an overabundance of leftover snappeas. So many, Kate.


    • It’s like manifestation. You find what you look for. If I was always waiting for people to let me down, that’s what I’d see. Instead I’m looking for how people are amazing.

      It’s like…two people get off a bus. They both get mugged. Then, they both get helped by people. One person will say “I got off the bus and got mugged.” the other person will say “I met the most helpful people after I got off the bus.”

      Both are true. It’s just what you choose to focus on.


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