Sit-Coms and Chips

This evening I was rather forcibly introduced to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and I think it might be one of those shows that gets better when marathoned.

It’s sort of…a massively abrasive comedy about really kind of terrible people making really bad decisions with a singular consistency, and it’s…pretty flipping brilliant.

(I also learned that U.S. television is so prevalent in Australia that people were getting into trouble dialling *911 for emergencies. In Australia, the emergency number is *000. But now it’s also 911, because so many people were calling the wrong number in situations where they really needed to be dialling the correct number. Let’s hear it for cultural imperialism.)

“It’s Always Sunny” was actually kind of funny to be watching on a couch full of Aussies, because there were definitely a whole bunch of cultural in-jokes that totally had me cracking up that led to quite a few raised eyebrows from the folks I was hanging out with. (In particular were things like the pronunciation of “diabetes”, because, well… yeah.

I was also introduced to what I think might be one of the *the* Ultimate Comfort Food Creations:

The Chip Sandwich.
That’s right; bread, curly fries, cheese, and more bread.

Nutritional value? None
Delightful? ABSOLUTELY.


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