Welcome To Oz

The Citizenship Ceremony was a bit ridiculous in the way that I know…extremely little about Australian patriotism.  At the end of it, after everyone had gotten their certificates and hand shakes, all of the newly minted Australians were called back up on the stage for some classic, traditional Australian songs. (One of these songs was the National Anthem and when they were done I had to ask which one it had been,  because they were all that kind of old-timey I-Will-Bleed-For-My-Beautiful-Country-Because-It’s-Where-I-Belong! That typically comes with a National Anthem.)

Then we spent the rest of the night dancing on the tables of the café. (After we kicked the customers out,  naturally. )

Sangria may or may not have been made in the giant soup-pot usually reserved for three days worth of curry.




We danced until the sun came up, and then we cooked about five kilos of bacon to feed everyone breakfast.




It was a *beautiful* day.


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