Bucket List Infection

I have managed to convert my first Melbournian (Melbournite? Whatever.  Person Living In Melbourne) to the Bucket List lifestyle.

I was talking with a co-worker just kind of about life and decisions (something I struggle with a lot. ) It’s kind of funny, because we were talking about experience and perspective,  and I don’t really feel like I have that yet. My book begins with “I”, movie is shot with a hand-cam.

All I know is that I have the right to fight for the things that bring me joy and I can try as many things as I want in pursuit of happiness.

For me, a Bucket List is a great way to keep track of all the things I haven’t tried yet.

It’s an exercise I highly recommend to anyone interested in similar pursuits. I can honestly say that I have only ever had positive  experiences from Bucket List Adventures. 

Give it a go.  They’re awesome.  For real.


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