Rescued By White (K)Night(S)

Yesterday started out…really quite shit. However, I happen to have found myself some of the most incredible housemates that were around to be found.

I met up with my housemate Sofie and she took me for a night on the town- not just any night though. She declared herself my guide to the glory of Melbournes White Night.

I’m not really sure how White Night got started, or what it’s for, really, but all of the museums and art galleries stay open. There were films being played in little stalls throughout the city. There were light displays and projections and music and performances. The city was packed.

The best part of the night though, was that earlier in the morning my housemate Shift had mentioned to Sofie that Amanda Palmer would be playing at White Night.

Sofie, as my guide managed to get us there about fifteen minutes before the show started. We wandered into the bar where it was apparently was being held, and there was clearly no stage. We were a bit confused, but figured that maybe we’d missed it. We went back outside and we were about to head to the Melbourne Museum when we were crossed by a group of about ten people who saying things like “No, the entrance is around back, through this alley”, and we followed them and managed to find our way into the warehouse were the performance was.

We only had a few minutes to wait before the show started as well.

I think that a free surprise Amanda Palmer concert might well be the single most efficient way to cheer me up, ever.

(Also, this is the place where I finally managed to meet my neighbors. Our block parties are going to RULE.)


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