A Date With Fletcher

There’s a bit of a cleaning dervish going down at the house, which is awesome. It’s one of those feeling that I love to just flow with. Ride the wave of cleaning and organizational momentum!

What I managed to get done this evening, however, was less of a “cleaning and organizing” and more of a settling of sentimentality.

I love my guitar. I’ve dragged him with me across the United States about six times. It’s been to three different countries. I introduce him as my boyfriend. (His name is Fletcher Lynd.)

I think he’s beautiful just the way he is. I’ve never wanted to cover him up with stickers or paint or sharpie.

That’s what my guitar case is for.

Last night, I finally managed to gather the time and resources together in the same connecting space of the universe, and secure all of the little sticky bits of my life that have been floating around for the past year or so.

It’s like my travelling scrapbook.

Where I’ve been, with plenty of space for where I’ve yet to go.


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