The Clean Continues…

The cleaning wave is still going, and today is Ladies Day In.

I put up my recently-acquired bed frame, and cleaned my room. (It’s shocking! I have carpeting beneath the layer of crap I didn’t put away! Schmowzow! I’d almost forgotten!)

Sofie managed to get through sorting her shoe collection. We played around with some shelving and checked on our worm farms. (Dear people, if you have tips for how to keep worm farms happy, I would greatly appreciate them. I’m fairly certain our worm farms are very content, but I know extraordinarily little about them.)

…I also found the stash of “Things I Am Supposed To Send To People.” It’s been sitting since early December. I still haven’t made it to a post office.

I’m sorry penpals! It’s slowly making its way to the top of my priority list. I’ll get to it…eventually. I promise.

(I’m also ignoring the fact that the pile contains birthday gifts that are *so* freaking belated at this point I don’t even think I’m allowed to call them birthday gifts anymore. *cringe*)

At the end of the day though, we have new curtains put up, the kitchen is spotless, and clothes are hanging on the line.

Sometimes, just getting caught up on all the little things is the most satisfying feeling.


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