Late-Night Train Rides

Tonight was a late-night training day at work, which was really okay, because the National Manager has been in town this week, and he foot the bill for pizza and beer for the night. (OM NOM PIZZA.)

When we finally left the office though, it was one of those “rush to the station to catch the last train out!” situations.

While waiting for the train, I met this really interesting man named Akok. He’s only twenty-two, and he came to Melbourne for an apprenticeship as a bricklayer. He grew up in Sudan, and lived there with his parent until he was twelve. Then, he followed his older siblings to Queensland, and he’s been in Australia ever since. He’s the youngest in his family, and he’s got a four-year-old son that he’s so incredibly proud of. and he’s been in construction for several years.

The night I met him, he had actually had a run-in with a gang he used to be involved in. Avoiding them was a big part of why he originally moved out to the suburbs of Melbourne. They’d gotten into a bit of a fight, and Akok was still bleeding for the length of our conversation.

By the end of the night, when we got on our separate buses to go home (the train line is having work done, so we were all stuck on “replacement buses”), he was headed back home to best friend: his kid.

I love people.


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