Halt Citizen!

Today I did not get arrested.


This particularly important to me as I am currently a guest in another country and the very last thing that I want is to get into any kind of trouble for breaking laws. (I’m a good kid. I may have had a few speeding tickets, but that’s the extent of my trouble-making.)

We may or may not have been sent to an area that requires additional permits for selling on the street.  Permits that I was unaware were needed anywhere for anything and would have definitely unable to prove we had.

However, the hypothetical man who would have informed us of the rules was extraordinarily kind, and allowed us to pack up and go without pressing charges.

He’s rather my hero of the day, and I absolutely will not be doing that again.

I really enjoy just…avoiding all situation that end with law enforcement needing any of my details.

So I’m gonna get back to doing that. It’s worked out really well for me so far.


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