A Distinct Lack of Technical Difficulties

Yesterday, I had just gotten up, and I was sitting in the kitchen, when my housemate handed me her phone. She was in the midst of setting up our internet connection, and as she has cheerfully claimed the title of “House Luddite” she gave the phone to me.

However, I think this may very well be one of the best phone calls I’ve ever been a part of.

“Why?” you may wonder, “Don’t phone calls to overseas I.T. desks usually suck?”

And, honestly, I don’t really have enough information to make a judgement like that, but *this* call was awesome.

I’d been on the phone for a couple of minutes before the guy on the other side of the line says “Are you an I.T. professional or a programmer?”

To which I was like “…No…?” but in my head I was thinking “Have I discovered the magical password for people who have already tried cycling the power?”

Then the guy was like “You seem very familiar with this”, and I got to be all “Oh. Well. I dabble.”

hehehe. So many bonus points.



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