Following The Trend

I finally got around to watching Frozen.

(I was kind of avoiding it. Then I remembered not to be a dork and to watch the freaking Disney princess movie.)

(That’s a lie. Really, about twenty BILLION people I knew told me to watch this video:


and it was freaking *adorable*, so I though, okay, this level of cuteness, plus Idina Menzel? Regardless of any issues, I just have to give it a shot.)


I really like this movie. A lot.

Though I want another movie that has more Idina Menzel in it. (Because I want to know more about her character’s life growing up. Seriously. It got massively glossed over, and like, it would be so intense.) And, in this other movie, I also want the story of the kid who got…adopted? kidnapped? by trolls. Also glossed over. Also would be SO INTERESTING.

Anyway. So, I joined the train of people blasting “Let It Go” at every possible opportunity.

(Like right this very moment, when I’m sitting in front of my speakers, and I can feel the bass through the floor. YAY!)

Anyway. I found this version of the song, which is amazing, and holy crap, has this incredible little girl, who has the most incredible powerhouse vocals going. It’s freaking amazing.


Note to self: I will never be to old to CRANK UP the Disney.


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