The Cake Is A Lie

The audition turned out to not actually be a real thing.

Which. okay, yeah, kind of sucks. (Apparently it was a scam to get people to pay money for headshots. Just another reminder that I somehow always manage to have THE MOST AWESOME FRIENDS EVAR.)

I kind of had a feeling it might be, (partly because I got it off Gumtree, (the Australian equivalent of Craigslist) so many things found there are sketchy) but also because I have amazing relatives, one of whom does actually make a living in the business of acting, who was incredible about giving pointers. I mentioned something that had been sent to me in one of the emails about the gig, and she was all like “hmmm.  I don’t know about that. You should send me the company name and I’ll look into them for you.”

and then I did my own search, didn’t come up with anything that actually looked real, and thought “eh, to hell with it. I just won’t spend any money pursuing it, so if it’s fake…it’ll be bummer, but I won’t really be out anything.”

(However, I didn’t find enough evidence to be confident enough to send the name of the agency to my relative, which is pretty much one of the biggest red flags in existence. (I guess my ego could handle getting conned, but not having an older, wiser person on the other side of the planet explain to me that I was getting conned (which is probably why a lot of cons actually work, now that I think about it.)))

It was also kind of a nice excuse to get my shit together, get some photos taken (and, now I have the name of some actual legit places to go find auditions and things, so good things did come of this venture.)


Also, I broke a heel. 😦

But not *me*, so actually, I’ll count that one as a win too. 😀


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