Possible Serendipity

Last night, I ended up not getting an audition.

I did, however, manage to land a trial as a fry cook at Misty’s American Diner.

This was actually a bit of a really bizarre, random happenstance.

After the non-audition, I was hanging out with these awesome Canadians who had also shown up. They were a lovely couple who had been in Australia for about six months, named Travis and Fawn.

Fawn and I were both wearing *really* uncomfortable shoes, so we were doing the same slow, pained walk that most women who have worn heels understand. (Travis was making fun of us.) (We deserved it.)

They talked about how they’d been screwed over before, with buying a crappy car, and with some concert tickets that ended up not existing. I talked about getting screwed over at the cafe I worked at.

Fawn goes “Oh, your a chef? There’s this diner that’s desperate for chefs. It’s an American diner too, you’ll be perfect!” She gets out her phone, calls the diner and says “Yes, I have an American chef here.”

She turns to me and asks “Do you have a chefs uniform?”

I’m like “No…”

“Do you have a hat?”

“Not one for cooking.”

“Okay. Wear black, and closed-toed shoes. Be there at 6:00 P.M. tomorrow.”


So. I may not have gotten an audition, but…I might have gotten a job? (*KNOCK ON WOOD*)

I think I definitely made some new friends though.



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