I Have Become A Tree-Killer (Pt. 2)

I realized that my last post was sort of…vague to the point of being obnoxious, and I remembered that this is *my* blog, so I can post whatever I want to. (It’s weird that I sometimes need to remember/be reminded of that.)

So; to de-vague-ify:

I am here in this beautiful country of Australia, which I am enjoying so very, very much, on a year-long visa. I found out recently that while there are many year-long visas that are very easy to extend…I don’t have one of those.

It’s frustrating because I am really, really happy to be here, and I would like to stay as long as I possibly can.

On another front, I think  I may have finally figured out something approaching a hazy outline for a life-plan that I think  could actually pull off and enjoy. Part of that hazy outline is the high probability at once again attempting University.

I feel like there might be a significant difference this time in the way that I am not going to applying because A) “it’s what you do.” or B) I am looking to be involved with a resource of the university (like, say, a poetry slam team) and am required to be enrolled to do so.

This time I would be attending because I think I might have actually found a program that will allow me to explore all of the different things that I am interested in. Additionally, in Australia, a program is actually geared toward what you’re studying. There is no “Oh, I’m so glad you’re interested in theatre. Now lets set you up to take geology and algebra!”

That appeals to me as well.


So, where these two different aspects cross paths is in the attempt to qualify for a student visa to attend University here. I would be able to try a different education system, (*hopefully*) be enrolled in a program that I am truly inspired by, and I would get to stay within this amazing community that I’m finding here.

If only it were that simple.

Instead there’s mountains of red tape and…many dead trees.


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