I Have Become…One of *Those* Cat Owners

I thought “Ah, yes. I have no plans for the afternoon. Perhaps I shall take some of this time to curate my blog.” (That’s how I Think of it, in my head. It’s not writing on, or posting, it’s being “curated”. Like a museum of my life. Or something like that.)


Then, our darling house-cat (and I mean this not to be empahsized like “He’s a housecat” but in the way of “this cat has adopted this house, ergo he is the   house    cat.)


(I have now typed out/stared at the word “house” so long it’s sort of lost all meaning.)


Anyway, the darling house cat Oscar-The-Distinctly-Not-Grouchy, (sreiously. This cat had a personality replacement with a golden retriever or something. He just want to hang out and get belly rubs all the time. Or sleep on your head. That’s an acceptable use of time as well.) decided that he wanted to join me with my blogging.


It’s a bit difficult to type with a cat on one’s lap.



And just like that, I’ve become one of *Those* cat owners.

I’m sorry.

I’m so, so sorry.


(Except I’m not at all, really. So…yeah.)


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