A Bit Of Irony

Last night, at Misty’s American Diner, I was introduced to Greek-style coffee.


Holy crap it’s amazing.

Seriously. It’s incredible. It’s the smoothest coffee I’ve ever had. This is actually the first coffee that I’ve been able to say that I actively *like* rather than tolerate. It is *SO* GOOD.

Greek-style coffee is very different from other styles of coffee because the beans are ground into a very fine powder  rather than the grains that go into a filter. The powder is then mixed directly into water in a small pot. If you take sugar, this is when it’s added.

Then the coffee/sugar/water mix is placed over heat until it begins to bubble up. It doesn’t boil exactly, but it begins to thicken.

When this has happened it’s ready to pour. It’s actually a bit stronger than espresso, so it’s put into small cups (and traditionally served with a shot of licorice liqueur apparently, but we were at work, so none of that for us). Then the coffee is left to settle for about three minutes. This is to allow the “mud”, which is the term used by our lovely coffee-maker to describe the coffee mixture that then sinks to the bottom of the cup.

Apparently this style of coffee can be used to tell the future, like tea leaves.

It’s freaking amazing.



*Bonus Irony! I’m a fry chef. My boss’s name is Oil. Literally. No exaggeration needed. It’s kind of beautiful.


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