List Vs. Knowledge

Some days, you are absolutely on top of the world. The weather matches your outfit, the trains are running on your schedule and your favourite song is playing on the radio. These are beautiful days.

Or maybe, it’s not quite so obvious. Perhaps the sun isn’t shining as much as you’d prefer, and you couldn’t make it to coffee with your friend, but when you take a breath, the world is still spinning your way.

It’s these days, when you can just list *all* of the things that you’re good at.
Let’s be real. Everybody’s good at a lot of stuff. Some people are *masters* of a few things, and some people are surprisingly good at a surprising amount of things. (And a lot of people are probably combinations, or somewhere on a spectrum or something.)
List days are awesome. (Though, I must say, I highly recommend that next time you realize you’re having a List Day, take a few hours out and update your CV. Your future self will appreciate it *so* much.) The days when you don’t even have to think about it, you don’t have to qualify your talents. You can just rattle them off one by one.
“Yes. I can do this. I can do that, too.”
It’s freaking awesome.
There are also days of knowledge.
These are the opposite of List Days.
These are the days when it doesn’t matter what’s on the list of things you can supposedly do, because *you* know that half the things on there don’t really count, and you’re sort of stretching what you can actually do.
These are the days when you just know that…yeah, you may have said that, but it was glossing over how hard it was, and how far it was from perfect. These are the days when you may have signed up for something, but you *know* that someone else out there is probably better for the job. These are the days to avoid looking at your CV, because you’ll read through it and know that about 80% of the crap on there is hyperbole to make yourself sound better.
List Days are *awesome*, but I don’t think anybody has those all the time. That’s okay. The most important thing is that when you’re having a Day of Knowledge – don’t edit your CV. Don’t tell your boss you can’t do it.
Just take a deep breath, take care of yourself, and know that it will come around again, and you’ll be back on top of things. It’s all just balance, and it’ll work out.

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