Office Space

I’m trying to quit my job.

It’s a bit of an interesting position, because my boss implied the other day that I would be fired by the end of the week (to which my reaction was kind of like “SWEET FREEDOM! I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT.”

I called in today, to just point out that if I’m being fired in three days, maybe I can just quit and be done. They don’t have to keep paying me, and I don’t have to keep going there.


Instead I got this bizarre speech of “No! We need two-weeks notice if you quit!”
and I’m like “I though I was fired?”
and then there was a lot of mumbling.

I JUST WANT TO BE DONE!!! *sobs in the corner*. Why did no one tell me that Office Space is a non-fiction cautionary tale? IT’S NOT FAIR!


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