Responding To Reality

I did this thing that I do sometimes, where I stop reacting to people as they actually are, and I spend energy reacting to the person that I’ve built them to be in my head.

I really need to not do this. It’s hard though, because I don’t always notice that it’s happening.

It’s extremely disheartening on my end, but also, it’s incredibly, amazingly, unflinchingly unfair to the other person.

I am left with all of this disappointment and frustration, and I’m usually inclined to take it out on the person, which is something I am distinctly not allowed to do.

How fucking awful is it to punish someone for not responding as I wanted or expected them to? It’s absolutely unacceptable.

This is something that I’m really trying to combat as I’ve starting maintaining long-distance relationships because of my travels.

People are entitled to react however they want to.

I don’t get to be upset because people don’t follow my own pre-set, idealistic, views of the future.


Deep breath. People are people, they don’t live in my head.

That is, actually what I like about people. They wouldn’t be nearly as awesome if they did what I thought they were going to.


2 thoughts on “Responding To Reality

    • Perhaps…but even recognizing this…it doesn’t mean that one is always aware enough to act accordingly. It’s an eternally ongoing process; checking expectations against reality. Even then, there are filters of perception.

      I guess I’m just pretty sure it’s something that I might always have to remind myself of on occasions. One of those things to continually self-check.

      Such is life.


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