Computer in the Commons

My housemate had an old desktop computer she was willing to contribute to the house as dedicated media machine for the playing of music and the watching of movies.

I booted it up the other day and immediately got SUPER excited, because this baby runs on linux! BOO-YAH!

That being said, it’s running outdated Ubuntu, so I’ve got it updating right now. It’s just…this computer has an 80 gig hard drive.

80 gigs.

I’m pretty sure there are phones with more space then that out now.


It’s crazy how fast things are changing.


4 thoughts on “Computer in the Commons

  1. I’d be running Linux if I didn’t need so many Windows programs.
    But I have just bought a nice new beastie with 2 terabytes of disk space, 8 gig of RAM and a respectable graphics card. It’s my special friend and I’m going to play with it lots.


    • Ooh, that sounds like a fun!

      It’s crazy how much better technology has gotten in such a short amount of time.

      My housemate came out today, and she has her portfolio *on floppy disks*. We don’t have a computer in the house that’s old enough to even have a floppy drive.

      It’s pretty crazy.


  2. Assuming Linux grabs about 20 gigs (which is probably a huge overestimate) , 60 gigs equates to about 100 hours of uncompressed, CD quality music, or about 500 hours of mp3.


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