Multi-Generational Movie Night

There is a…generous age gap between me and my housemates. Which is delightful and lovely and wonderful, and sometimes they say things like “What’s a funny movie” and I say something like “Have you ever seen Mean Girls?”


So, I’m watching weird teen movies with my housemates, and I have no idea how they actually feel about these things, or if they’re just humouring me.

Tonight we’ve watched Office Space (It’s just been really relevant to my life recently, okay?), and we started Mean Girls, which ended up being really terrible quality, so now we’re about halfway through Pitch Perfect.


It’s a bit strange, because I have no idea how well some things translate across. Like “Did you get that really terrible top 40’s reference that was relevant about 4 years ago?”


And I just…don’t know.

I just don’t know.


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