Dear Computer

Dear Computer,

I know we’ve been through a lot, and usually the only time I mention you, it’s because we’re having trouble, but I do love you.  Truly,  deeply and with all ten of my fingers.

However, I feel like there could be some some serious changes coming up in our relationship. Let’s just say that it’s an issue of power;  in the way that you no longer have any. I am an entire hemisphere away from the origin of your power cord, and despite any possible remnants of warranty,  I feel like this will have a direct and negative impact on our ability to to work together.

Mostly because,  well,  you don’t work anymore.  This isn’t goodbye. I’m sure that with a little time, we’ll be able to find a solution to our issues.  In the meantime…we’re going to have to take a break. Because,  you don’t turn on anymore and that’s what I need from you.

I hope we can resolve differences soon and I eagerly await the moment when we can put our issues aside and work together once more.

P.S. Dear readers,  until I can convince my dear computer to work with me once again,  please excuse any inconsistencies in posting and the inevitable proliferation of typos that comes from posting on a touch-screen interface that comes equipped with autocorrect function.


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