An Event in the History of Bananas

Today, I learned that the bananas I’ve grown up with are not the bananas of my grandparents. Apparently we eat the cavendish, which is just generally inferior in every way when compared to the Gros Michel, which is the banana variety that used to be found in stores.

I have no idea how this factors into the sterile-banana-conspiracy, but it seems like they might actually fit together well, because of the whole “troubles-of-monoculture” thing. (Even though the first article kind of implies the sterile-banana-conspiracy is bogus, which, let’s be real, that’s sort of the joy of conspiracy theories, isn’t it? DENY THE DENIAL OF SCIENCE. Or not. Y’know. It’s something…)

Now I want to grow a banana tree  of some kind of crazy awesome banana. And then eat them. And be very, very happy.


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