Out With One, In With Another

Today,  I went for a job interview for a position as an M.C. at a local venue for cabaret and amateur performers. The job description was for someone to “run a show”.

Now, the first thing I must admit is that I really had no idea what I was walking into. Iwwasn’t sure if it was an interview or an audition, so I brought my C.V. and my ukulele.

It tturned out to be far more of the latter than the former.

I  was hoping to walk out with a job.  Instead I walked out with a gig.

A 30 minute gig that I somehow have to fill with 30 minutes of content. Original content.  That I have *memorized*. And *performance ready*.

How much original content do I currently have performance ready?

Well… I think it’s been said before,  so I’ll let the best speak for me:





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