Found: One Fairy Marvel-Father

The first comic book title that I ever read in its entirety was the Death; the spin-off from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.

 (Then I read the rest of Sandman.)


The next title that I read through was Preacher.

This is to give a bit of background. Usually, when someone find out that you read comics, there is one question asked: DC or Marvel?

So, with my beginnings of comics being pretty much as far from puns and spandex as possible, I didn’t immediately find a title in Marvel that I could get into.

Batman, on the other hand, was a beautiful and rich discovery for me. Particularly the stuff written by Grant Morrison. It’s so beautifully…noir.

My answer to “The Comics Question” for many years was “I’m a Gotham Girl.”

Then DC decided to rip my heart out, send it through a wood-chipper, take a dump in it, bake it into a pie and give it back.

(I may still be a bit bitter about that, in case it wasn’t clear.)

I decided that the only choice left after the complete and utter betrayal of DC was to give Marvel a chance. So, I started with the biggest title going at the time: Civil War.

Now, that’s the one where the point is pretty much to make the reader hate EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in the Marvel Universe. Iron-Man is tricking people into giving their souls away, and people are lying, and kids are being tortured and they killed Captain America…


Yeah. So. It wasn’t the best introduction to Marvel for me. (At that point, I just went back, and fell deeply in love with pretty much the entire Milestone catalogue, but that’s a different story.)

There were a couple of titles that I did end up following out of Civil War (Young Avengers and The Runaways, specifically), but they were both fairly marginal titles, with really short runs.

Now, I have a Fairy Marvel-Father, who appears to me in pubs and says “Dude. Have you read…?”





*All pictures from wikipedia


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