Happy Birthday!

Foxfinding is one year old today!

According to Wikipedia, the numeral “one” used to be a horizontal line instead of the vertical one the folks have become so familiar with. It evolved. That’s kind of cool.


It’s almost like an inchworm. An inchworm that learns to dance. Then…joins the military…?


N’aaw. Blog. Aren’t you just the best little blog I’ve ever had…[insert gooey “cute” noises here.]

In honour of the…bloggyness of blogging…

A really ugly cake:

Summer 08, Kate B-day Impala Cake,4th, & parties 003

You tell *me* what it is. I know what it is.

(The answer is “Sadness”, by the way.)

My cat!


My current mug of tea!


The most hipster corner of my house!


Happy Birthday!


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