Tea and Ice Cream

I think that tea and ice cream is pretty much the best combination of things ever. (Add in some popcorn, and that’s just…that’s everything I could ever possibly want. Any afternoon, any circumstance, just… tea, popcorn and ice cream.)

So…why is there no tea-inspired ice cream? (Note: I am aware that there is green-tea ice cream, but in this case I am referring to “tea” as in the British cultural event, more than just the specific drink of steeped leaves of a tea plant.)

But, like, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s called “Have A Cuppa!” and it would be English Breakfast ice cream, swirled with diary-fresh sweet cream, with bites of scone and a ripple of strawberry jam. The design could be like…if the royal wedding threw up all over a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream container; like, Big Ben and the Queen and Union Jack (You may have heard that it’s only supposed to be called a “Union *Jack*” if it’s being flown on a ship,but apparently that’s sort of a new idea, (and everyone calls it a Union Jack anyway…). Like how if a flag is only halfway up the pole its at “half-staff” unless you’re on a ship, where it is actually at “half-mast” because ships have masts and land has poles.)(So, to summarize: “Union Jack” is correct. “Half-mast” is not.)

Or something. (Clearly I haven’t thought about this at all.)


3 thoughts on “Tea and Ice Cream

  1. You should submit your idea to Ben and Jerry. I bet they would love it, minus the throwing up part….. hahahaha


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