Lost in Louisville

I was hoping to make it to the Big Four bridge, which was built in 1895, and updated in 1929. Now it’s a pedestrian bridge that had its official opening about two days before I hit Louisville. (The only reason I know this history is because no one could tell me why it was called The Big Four Bridge, so I had to look it up. It’s named after the “Big Four Railroad” which was the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis Railway.


Anyway. I didn’t end up getting there.

Instead I ended up at Al’s Farm Market, where I asked the women behind the counter how to get to the Big Four Bridge, and they didn’t know, so we got to go out back and talk to Leroy, the old man watering the flowers.



Leroy did know which direction I needed to go in, and then the ladies from behind the counter wrote me directions from the internet anyway.


Then I went for a wander. I was vaguely following directions, but I wasn’t really all that set on actually reaching my destination. It was more of an excuse to get out and look around.

It was beautiful.


I haven’t gone out and gotten lost in a long time. I think I might have to make a point of it when I get back to Melbourne. I miss it.



Boogie School

Today I was schooled in Boogie (by a white guy who lives in an attic in Louisville, Kentucky, so that should tell you how much I know about the boogie/funk genre). I also learned a lot about sampling and remixing. Really though, he’s a future D.J. in training, so it’s all about finding and isolating the sounds that speak to you, and then flipping them around so they’re something new.  It was really cool. It was all about the ethnomusicology of it, the syncopation of rhythm.

I was introduced to the website whosampled which is a database of a huge chunk of modern music, and it’s super awesome for when you’re listening to a track and you know where that came from, but just can’t place it.

Also, at this point we’re pretty much all familiar with this:


And probably also this:


But all that came from this:

which is a freaking awesome song.

The rhythm of it is so interesting.

I’ve kind of been looking for a starting place to start learning more about music genres that I haven’t listened to as much, and I’m really excited to have somewhere to start now. There’s so much fantastic music out there. I’m always pumped to find new stuff to listen to.

Louisville Classic

I am being hosted by the Brawny paper towel guy and his Swedish girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel.

    from http://www.ign.com

It’s fantastic and ridiculous.

We went to a street fair in New Albany where we had funnel cake and and ribbon fries and free promotional cans of Red Bull, and we saw some local bands play on a stage constructed in the center of Main Street.

It feels like July. The nights are warm and humid. I love the smell of night air in summer.

A Knot Tied


(They’re literally getting tied together, with a pretty green piece of fabric.)

There were buttons and bubbles and hugs and laughter and blisters from uncomfortable shoes. There was good food and good people and hijinks and dancing.

There was a cake with a map of Westeros, that also had a Narwhal, because nobody ever said those didn’t live there…

There was a late-night caravan past fields sparking with fireflies; and the collapse of people into a mess of nostalgia, in a tiny hotel room overflowing with people.

No Zilla, Just Bride.

I am attending a wedding which is the most together production I have ever seen. (This makes sense as it’s being put on by a bunch of terrifying competent Theatre People, and they understand the importance of attention to detail, communication, and just getting stuff done.

It is one of the most low-stress event that I have ever been witness to in my entire life. (Which is crazy, because…wedding. Most stories I hear about weddings involve things not working, and people crying, and fights happening and everything falling apart… just. Yeah. Not awesome.)

Aside from the insane precision and aplomb, the bride is also super chill. She’s just…not fussed about stuff. We’ve made lists of lists, and have contingency plans and emergency boxes, and everything feels really taken care of.


This being said…there is one list of THINGS THAT ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

This list has three items:




(The body-count of this wedding will be ZERO.)

2) The best man is not allowed to fulfill his SLAP-BET with the groom DURING THE WEDDING.

(If this happens, the maid of honour will launch one of the bridesmaids at the best man, and he shall be replaced by them, as is proper in Klingon law.)

3) The catering MUST SHOW UP.

(Because our backup plan for that is going to Costco and buying a barrel of peanut-butter filled pretzels for every table, and while those are delicious, it will make the alcohol hit a lot harder.)





Peanut Butter filled Pretzels: Delicious, but not a meal.

Indiana Fireflies

I want to say that I forgot how beautiful Indiana is, but honestly, I think that when I lived here last I was just not in a place where I was able to see it as beautiful.

It’s really wonderful to be able to visit this place and see it for the idyllic land that it is.

It’s the warm southern charm, with big skies and old trees and green everywhere.

The nights are beautiful; clear skies full of stars that match the flickering sparks of fireflies in the fields.

The house is full of the best people I’ve ever met.


It’s good to be back, because this time, it feels like a fresh start.

A Series of Observations

Moments from travel (20 hours of flight, 10 hours of connections):

My flight runs on linux!


Awww yeah!


On the flight from Australia to the United States, we were informed that we were not allowed to keep windows open.    I’m pretty sure that’s the point of windows. I mean, there don’t have to be windows in a plane. They’re not a necessity. Putting a window in the plane implies that I can keep the windows open. What the heck, airline? What the heck.


Flight number 2:

Pay attention to gate numbers. That’s important. Note: I managed to not miss my flight, by the skin of my teeth. I got on right as they were about to close the gates. Adrenalin directly before getting on an airplane is not the best thing in the world.


I sat next to people who were A) Awesome, B) professional cosplayers, C) employed by Dante Basco.

Who is Dante Basco?  Well, if you’re a visual person, you might know him best as Rufio from Hook.

Still of Robin Williams and Dante Basco in Hook (1991)


If you know anything about voice acting though, it’s a lot more likely that you know him from Avatar. (The good one, not the monstrosity with blue people.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)


Which, there is a video of them doing cosplay things. Apparently there’s a bit of a movement for combining voice actors and cosplay. It’s pretty cool, and I’ll definitely have to look into it more.



Flight 3:

Nothing says “Help, I’m trapped in the Chicago airport!” like a singularly overpriced and overwhelmingly disappointing deep-dish pizza.



Nothing says “I am a capable adult who understand the necessary communication involved with making travel plans” quite like

“Hey! So, I’m at baggage claim.”

“You’re in Louisville?”


“I thought your flight got in tomorrow.”

“International Date Line does that to people.”

“Shit. Hold tight. We’re on our way. See you in two hours.”


Oh yeah. Awesome road trip.


3,2,1, Pack!

I’m a lot better at packing for things then I used to be – a circumstance that I’m quite sure has come from my recent life of travel.

This is awesome, because I can fit everything I need into a backpack, and I can pack that bag in about fifteen minutes.

This is less awesome, because now it means that if I have more than half an hour before I have to get anywhere, I still have plenty of time to pack.

Procrastination isn’t a skill: It’s a lifestyle.

A Morning of Videos

On occasion, the planets align, and circumstances happen to come together in such a way to leave a person…with a youtube history that’s pretty much pure gold.

So, here. Have a bunch of vidoes that nobody asked for. 🙂

They are all amazing though. Seriously.

(This video has one of the best bits of comment I’ve ever read: “They sound like experimental noise-core got run over by a hip hop bus.”)



I’d like to take this moment to tell everyone that I have been called a nerd more times this week than probably in the last year of my life. I’m not really sure why people are only recognizing this *now*, but it’s absolutely true and freaking fantastic.

Then There Was a Bunny

When I was a child, I had an entire series of stuffed bunnies. They were named sequentially as “Bun-Bun”. I’m fairly certain I remember there being a “Bun-bun 7”. (Seriously. Why do people say that young children are creative? )

When I was twelve, my best friend and I had a singularly convoluted plan about how we were somehow going to time-share a bunny.

It was going to be a black, long-haired lop (are there bunnies like that? Probably, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one) and we were going to name it Rescai Satine Sable (I think that’s how we spelled it, anyway… (Actually, I’m pretty sure there was an apostrophe in the there somewhere, but I have no idea where it would have gone now. Re’Scai, maybe.)).

We were going to take over the world, and instead of having a cat, we would stroke this black bunny and watch everything burn.

Or something less sociopathic than that. Y’know. Whatever.

Then, I find myself sleeping on the couch in an apartment with a black bunny named Bun-Bun.



I spent about three hours in the backyard enjoying the sun with Bun-Bun and a guitar, because Melbourne likes to give its residents green grass and warm breezes to go with the falling leaves and frigid rain.

It was a beautiful morning.