Oil-Slick and Speaking

I keep running into this person that I really don’t like.

At all. Very intensely. Just thinking about interacting makes me shudder.

Sometimes, I think “It can’t really be as bad as all that. You’re probably just blowing it out of proportion, exaggerating it in your head”, so I try again, and then, just. Nope.

It’s exactly as bad as I remember it being.

I leave every encounter feeling sort of like I’ve been dipped in crude oil. It’s dark and greasy, and it clings to everything. It takes ages to wash off, and no matter how long you spend trying, you’re always going to miss some. You won’t find it until you look down and realized that you’ve been spreading the oil-stain all over your clothes.

It’s gross. So freaking creepy. Really, I’d be happiest never, ever having to interact with this person EVER AGAIN. EVER. Because, seriously. No thank you.

In the meantime I will do my best to remember: CODE RED: DO NOT ENGAGE AT ANY COST.




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