A New Awakening

This morning I woke up to a job.

In the way that I got a call from a guy who said “Hey. Can you come to this cafe today? If you can, I’ll give you the weekend shift.”

To which I replied, “Okay! I’m on my way!”

So, now I have a job at a coffee shop again! Yes!!!

But, it’s only on weekends, so I can continue doing my whole “starving artist” thing during the weeks. Who has a follow-up audition for an awesome 80’s synth-pop project? This kid!

(This also pleases me, because I’m trying to build a portfolio to possibly apply to art school with, and there’s just something utterly satisfying about the complete and total fulfillment of a cliche that is a wannabe art student/actress who works weekends at a coffee shop. Remember that part where I’m somehow managing to out-hipster the universe? I promise I don’t…mean to be the truest living embodiment of Portlandia. It just….ends up that way.)

Also, today I got to try goat curry.

I don’t think I’ve ever had goat before. It’s really super good.

Om nom nom!


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