A Business Card

Today I got a business card. It’s for a theatre company, from a wonderful woman who was incredibly kind and helpful. She was fantastically encouraging, and willing to help me make connections within the theatre circles of Melbourne.

I am, naturally, utterly terrified of following up on this business card.

For all of the times when I open my mouth and say “Yeah, I can do that!” there are about twelve million thoughts of “Really? Are you sure? What if they ask you for something you can’t do? What if they find out that you can’t? What if you’re lying? What if they let you in and you suck?”

Which is why I practice the art of Making Bad Decisions.

Because, yeah, so what if they do find out? What will happen? Well…I suppose I’ll have made a bad decision.

So, it’s best for me to get plenty of practice at that, because if I can make bad decisions when the stakes are low, I can make bad decisions when the stakes are higher.

So, when I really don’t know if I’ll be able to pull something off…I don’t really have an excuse not to try, because what’s another bad decision?


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