I Like Windows.

I like windows a lot more than I like doors.

I’m currently coming up with plans to make minor adjustments to my house so that I never have to use the doors. I can just climb out the window when I need to go anywhere. It just seems like a better way to do things.

Just…slide out the window and into the world.

A few things need to be moved around in order to complete this new form of entering and exiting my house, but I think it’s quite manageable.

I’m hoping to have this task completed by the end of the week.

We shall see if I’m successful.


2 thoughts on “I Like Windows.

  1. You know what you need is curtainrods that are super solid so you can swing in and out on them. Like, dynamic floorspace for the fucking win.
    My current dilemma with floorspace is that our telly is too high off the ground to make a blanket fort that will still allow for the watching of Disney films. Like…all we got is short short couches, nothing tall enough to really support good blankets. And the floor is grungy as HELL. So you’re trying to lie on a couch, with the blanket strung directly overhead, unable to move at ALL, least of all see the TV miles above.


    • Our curtain rods are SO FAR from being stable.
      To illustrate the sort of fantasticly quirky space we’ve got, I shall share with you this anecdote:

      I have slowly been collecting thing to keep on my door. I have a giant wad of sticky tac to stick things to my door once I’ve found them. I keep this wad of sticky tac on the wall, because, well, why not? The other day, I went to put up my busking permit on my door. I went to my wad of sticky tac, and when I pulled it off the wall it *brought the pain with it*.

      I do not trust the curtain rods to be able to withstand…anything, actually, much less the wear that comes from dynamic floorspace.

      Alas, though, because that would be fucking *awesome*. Just, swing into my window when I want to. I would feel like a superhero every time I got to enter or exit my house.

      (*Dynamic Floorspace Window Entrance added to Bucket List*)


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