If Not _______ Then ______

If my delightful new Twee cover band was not already called “Crunchy Not Awesome” then we would be called “Disaffected Kitten”.



Also, I never remember when it’s appropriate to use “then” as opposed to “than”.

Grammar people: please assist.


6 thoughts on “If Not _______ Then ______

  1. I believe that you use “than” when there is a comparison-Better blue than yellow….your blogs are better than sunshine on a cloudy day……then, there is always……


  2. So my blog title today is only grammatically correct in the sense that I’m discussing my band name, and if we were not named “Crunchy Not Awesome ” *thEn* we would be named “Disaffected Kitten”. However, wwithout the context, in most cases, my title would actually be grammatically *incorrect* as it implies comparison.


  3. Then is a chronological ordering of things, or an implication of cause-effectiness. If this, then that. First this, then that. Than is a comparison or qualifier, exclusively. More of this than that. Fewer than x amount.
    Rather than than, try then. But beware, more than one then just sounds silly.


  4. Yep. Than is a niche word for when comparing something. X is better THAN y, y is worse THAN x.

    Then is more common. Time based directions/ discriptions. I was here, THEN I went there. I demand you do this THEN do that.

    Hope redundancy helped a little.


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